Lendrum Spinning Wheel Clinic with Gord Lendrum

Attention all spinners and wannabes
Please join us for the 
with Gord Lendrum  
Sat. May 13th from 1-3pm 
The afternoon is open and free to anyone who would like to ask Gord questions about his work, his wheels and their history. All are welcome to share in this a wonderful opportunity.

HOWEVER, all you LENDRUM OWNERS are a wise breed indeed and are particularly welcome. 

-If you have a Lendrum Wheel and you have specific concerns  or questions about it for Gord, or
-If you are interested in specific upgrades or accessories for your wheel and want to know what is available and/or possible, this is what you need to do: 

Contact KnitTraders to book a 15 minute appointment with Gord during which time he will address your specific questions and concerns and the rest of us can listen in, and learn from your experience and his.
email: shop@knittraders.com                phone: 613 384 3951

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