Wednesday, 6 May 2015

All About Socks


including some of the glitter ones, and a good selection of their beautiful solid colours as well.
Grab it while you can as it is the last big order that we'll be receiving until mid summer.

And for you saddened fans of Cascade FIXATION cotton sock yarn with elastic which hasn't been easily available for some time, we're thrilled to offer you a great selection of colours on Special Purchase for just $3.50/ball.
It really is a unique sock yarn that works beautifully for other projects as well that require the firmness of the cotton and elastic blend. Link to the Cascade site for their free patterns for FIXATION

And for those of you who are not yet part of the ranks of the confident (and sometimes addicted) sock knitters, don't miss your last chance before the summer. If you can knit and purl with confidence, you can learn all the skills that you need to make socks during this 5 hour class.
There are still a few spots left for the ever popular Sock In A Day class at KnitTraders  on Saturday, May 23rd.  And if you're a sock knitter who would like to increase your confidence and skill level, there is much for you to gain from this intensive learning experience.
Link to our class Page for further details on registration.