Wednesday, 28 January 2015

3 Cozy New Samples to get you through the winter

  This beautiful Borgo di Pazzi's NATURALIA pure wool Sofa Throw Kit is a way to add a touch of warmth while sprucing up your home decor with an up to the minute fashion trend: The Big Stitch in natural woolen hues. The kit includes 3 luxurious hanks of NATURALIA in one of the 6 natural shades, BIG size 15mm wooden needles and the pattern: everything you need to create this layer of luxury in no time at all.

I've also just finished a sample scarf in the ever popular Feather and Fan pattern using this season's new MULBERRY LINEN from the Diamond Luxury Collection. A classic look and feel.

 The newest yarn that we have brought in from Cascade is the SWADDLE and it's been selling like hotcakes since displaying this quick and cozy diamond shaped baby blanket made from just 2 balls. Simple enough for beginners,

Friday, 9 January 2015

The Proper Way to Receive a Knitted Gift

The following was sent to us on Facebook and it seemed absolutely perfect in a delightfully tongue in cheek way.
It's a list of Dos and Don'ts that should be shared with all friends and family members of knitters. Knitters can be emotionally fragile when giving handcrafted gifts. Recipients should make the effort to learn how to receive the gift well so that they can be assured of remaining part of our cherished entourage.

Thanks to Sheri for passing this our way. 

The Proper Way To Receive A Knitted Gift.

1. Open the gift, and immediately say something positive. (Suggestions are things like "Oh wow!" or "Oh my goodness!")

2. Hold up the item and smile broadly.

3. If you do not know what the item is, DO NOT SAY SO. We understand that knitting can produce some unusual items, and that the nature of handmade objects can further complicate things. If, after admiring the item for some time you are still not sure what it is, say something like "This is beautiful. Oh my gosh. Can you show me how I would wear it? I want to do it justice."

4. After admiring and identifying the item, RUB IT ON YOUR FACE, or at the very least, cuddle it against your neck while saying something positive like "Mmmmmm". Knitters love this. It's because we've been worried that you wouldn't like it, and knitting is a tactile thing. Lots of non-knitters find some textiles scratchy or uncomfortable, and we're worried that will be you. Making immediate physical contact with the item reassures us. 

5. Pronounce the item the best gift you have ever gotten. Kiss or hug the knitter and show the item off to at least one other person over the course of the day. 

6. Place the item in a place of honour and continue to admire it at intervals, remarking (see gift re: Respect above) that you can't believe that a knitter thought you were worth that much time. 

-Comment that it doesn't fit. This is not something you discuss today. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after. Or in a week. Not today. Your knitter has been busting a more for weeks or months for you. They probably finished a hat at 2am and are a little fragile. Save it. 

-Similarly, do not say it is scratchy, or uncomfortable or not what you wanted. Despite what some other non-knitters may have you think, knitting is a super expensive gift - and if someone gave you a Ferrari, you wouldn't pout and tell them you wanted it in blue.

Now go forth and love your knitter. They're amazing.