Monday, 10 November 2014

New and Returning Treasures

How long have we waited and searched for this illusive sock paint that keeps  you from sliding on slippery floors? It has finally found its way to KnitTraders. SOCK STOP is an easy to apply latex solution that dries overnight.

POMPOMS are all the rage this season and Rico's gorgeous faux fur ones are absolutely beautiful.
Available in 5 different colours. They will add a professional touch to hats and scarves.
I had been under the impression that the day of JEWEL METALLIC yarn was over. Imagine my delight and surprise when I came across a good selection on a recent warehouse buying trip.  A gorgeous variety of colours await. And don't forget to ask for your FREE cowl pattern. A must have accessory for the holiday season!

Another delightful surprise to come from the warehouse trip was the return of LIBERTY, the lovely fabric frill yarn that was the hit of last spring's season. Quantities are limited to check it out soon.