Thursday, 23 January 2014

LOOK what we have for you!

WE ARE SO EXCITED about the wonderful deals that we've sourced recently and are able to bring to you as a ...    

  Look for tags around the store for these and more great buys. 
Camino Color sock yarn  reg. $16.99 

2 beauties from Mirasol:
SAWYA, a worsted weight blend of
cotton, alpaca and silk
reg. $6.99  $4.99/50g
featuring baby llama and merino wool with delightful splashes of tweed colour.
reg. $7.99  $4.99/50g
Whip up a scarf in no time, for under $15 with Grignasco
  A bulky boucle yarn (looks like persian lamb) of wool and Dralon
reg. $9.99    just $3.99/50g

And an amazing selection of DVDs from Lucy Neatby,
Meg Swanson, Knitting Daily
and more.   reg. $22-$45 
  Just $5!
And these are just some of the deals that we've found to keep you knitting while not cramping the budget.
Come on in often - new stock arriving weekly!
 Get these deals while you can as stock is limited!