Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Comfort Dolls for South Africa

I know that many of you knit for charities but this request is a bit different.
Our fellow Kingstonian, Rosemary Jolly from Queens University, in the course of her amazing work in South Africa is the co-founder of a network of Rape Crisis Clinics in that country.
It is extremely distressing to imagine why such places would need knitted comfort dolls like the ones above, but I am assured that they are of great value and therapeutic use for young victims who come to the clinic, as well as many others of all ages.
I've told Rosemary that I would ask our customers to contribute their time and talents for a 4 month drive from July to the end of October to collect as many of these simple yet precious dolls as we can so they can be shipped and arrive at the Clinics in South Africa before the New Year.
All you need are some bits of soft, medium weight (worsted) yarn, some fiberfill stuffing and a tapestry needle. (Note that we have baskets of "orphan" balls of yarns at the store for just $2, which will make several sweaters or pants for these little darlings.)
Completed dolls can be dropped off at the KnitTraders store anytime before Oct. 31st and we will keep you informed as to our progress through this blog and our monthly e-newsletter.
Link here to find the pattern. You can embellish the dolls by using stripes and interesting yarns, as you wish.

For those of you who aren't sure how these dolls are made, please join us for a demonstration of how they are assembled and decorated  on Friday afternoon, July 26th from 1-3pm