Thursday, 29 November 2012

Yarn Bowls and blocking wires

Just in for Christmas giving, these gorgeous hand crafted, locally made yarn bowls to keep your yarn clean and tidy, and just as pretty as can be.

Also, for those of you who have ever tried blocking and ended up with scallopped edges where none were called for, or where points on lace just didn't look pointy enough, we have a good quantity of blocking wires at a great price. Every blocker's must have tools.

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Gladstone Jacket

A few years ago, Patons began their "Next Step" series of books, aimed at bringing newish but eager knitters beyond the scarf stage. This gorgeous jacket is from the cover Next Steps 3, offering a series of variations on a basic chunky cardigan/coat. We had a sample garment version on display in the store in the original Shetland Chunky Tweeds. When that one sold, we decided to redo this amazingly popular pattern in the new Gladstone Chunky, a wonderful yarn in a variety of colourways to suit every mood and personality.

When planning gifts for the wannabe knitters in your life, we are assembling Beginner Kits that include everything for that first project: the basic scarf found in Patons Next Step 1 book. The introductory book is designed to take the complete novice through the different levels all the way to knitting a blanket on circular needles.
 Although we will do everything to keep these popular gifts in stock, we would ask you to please call ahead to make sure that we have some available. Or to order your kit in a particular colour for that special beginner please notify us by calling 613-384-3951

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lantern Moon Baskets and other new arrivals to the store.

Now's the time of the year that we make an effort to bring in products that would make wonderful gifts for you, our knitting customers, but also gifts that might be of use and desirable to others on your Christmas list. These LANTERN MOON rice baskets are just the thing.

What the picture doesn't show is that the top and handles of these  baskets fold in, creating a lovely bowl effect. Very classy.

The sizes are a bit difficult to discern from the picture but the mini is a great small or partial project size, where as the largest once could easily carry a 2 year-old. A size for everyone, that fits into any decor. This is the natural coloured version, but they are also available with red, navy and purple detail.

Also from LANTERN MOON are these great little stocking stuffer tape measures: pull the tail and you can measure your knitting progress. They are too cute to pass up.

Finally, we just got a great shipment of TURTLEPURL fleece roving in merino and Blueface Leister wools. We have customers who fall in love with the colours without having a clue what to do with this gorgeous unspun fibre. The roving is mainly designed for spinners to ply (pardon the pun) their craft, but for the rest of us, we have a super selection of Thrum Mitten Kits available featuring the TURTLEPURL fleece so you can drool over your mittens as you make them. Seriously, for those who want to use the roving with their own thrum patterns, we have a sheet of directions to make the most of one of these braids, in order to get 2 pairs of mittens from each.
Just ask, we'd be glad to give you one to go with your purchase.